Monday, April 26, 2010

Bluebirds and red clover - God's artistry!

I live on campus of Mercy Ships International Operations Center (IOC). This last weekend, I took a walk around the property and startled some blue birds nesting near a field of red clover. It was a beautiful scene as the pair lit briefly on the fense. I had to max out my little telephoto lens on my point-and-shoot camera to not scare them off, so the photos turned out a bit blurry Still they captures a beautiful picture. God is such an artist!

Watch me on Mercy Ships Connect

I was interviewed in the Mercy Ships March Connect report about our recent Gateway field service in Benin, West Africa. My part is at the end (at the 4 minute mark), but the whole report only takes a few minutes to watch (6:45). Click on the link above and enjoy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Relay for Life

I got home Friday evening  in time to join Mom and Dad in the Relay for Life, the National Cancer Assoc. annual fund raiser. It was impressive and very moving to see so many from the community get involved with raising funds and awareness towards a cure for cancer It was a gorgeous spring afternoon/evening to walk around the track and one of my parents' university friends from Japan joined us.
Local talent added to the festivity and energy. My friend Beth Ann had several of her vocal students perform.
When it grew dark, 1002 names were called out in memory or in honor of cancer fighters -
one for each illuminary purchased and placed around the track and spelling out HOPE across the way in the bleachers.
I'm so proud of my Mom and Dad, both cancer survivors.
Towards the end, the lights spelling HOPE were changed to spell CURE. Amen!