Sunday, November 07, 2010

King of Kings! And in Macy's, no less!

I woke up in a funk this morning feeling generally sorry for myself and whining to God about this or that. I meant to quickly check my facebook before getting ready for church, but came across a post from a friend that showed something that happened in Philidelphia last weekend. I watched it with amazement - much like those customers in Macy's must have felt - and then with tears streaming down my face when I fully realized not only the wonderful opportunity they were having to experience such a performance, but the words that were being declared from practically the rooftop of a major store in a major US city by a cross-section of people. It gave me chill bumps and changed my grumbling to worshipping Jesus this morning, leaving me with a big smile on my face. So I had to stop and share it with you.

The biggest Random Act of Culture yet took place in Philadelphia Saturday – with more than 650 singers bursting into Hallelujah from Handel’s Messiah in the middle of a downtown Macy’s. The world’s largest pipe organ – with 28,000 pipes – accompanied them. Take a moment to watch this. It will make you smile.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get Motivated!

Last Tuesday was a motivating day - literally! I was given a free ticket to attend an all-day Get Motivated Seminar in Dallas, TX featuring such speakers as Gen. Colin Powell, Former First Lady Laura Bush, Zig Ziglar, Steve Forbes, Krish Dhanam, and ten other motivational presenters. I was fascinated to hear what they would say and took a plethora of notes. It was interesting how so many shared principles that originate from the Bible and referred to their faith. It was also interesting how it became apparent which ones had been asked to speak because of wisdom and character and which ones were their because of fame. Still, I came away with something from each one. By the end of the day, I had hit my mental saturation point (as well as my sitting saturation point!), but I was energized! I'll have to go back through my notes to really process what I took away and what actions I now need to take. So, to be continued.....
Form First Lady Laura Bush
Emmitt Smith
Troy Aikman
Rudy Giuliani

Terry Bradshaw

Saturday, October 23, 2010

An Ambitious Project on the Africa Mercy

The Africa Mercy is in dry-dock in South Africa. All the original generators
have been  removed through a hole cut in the side of the ship.
More than half the crew have moved to a location on land while a smaller team
works onboard in the shipyard. Justin is standing by the propellers under the ship. Not a view you often get to see  on a ship!
The old ones come out and the new ones go in. It's a pretty impressive process.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Texting Generation

I attended an event at the UT Tyler Cowan Center recently. I was there to see John Lithgow in Stories by Heart. On the way into the mezzanine, My friend and I got a kick out of seeing this couple texting. My how the theater crowd is changing!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

A Day at Caldwell Zoo and Tyler Rose Garden

 How amazing that on a beautiful fall day in Texas, I can look out over a
horizon filled with lions, elephants, zebras, ostrich??
 We were greeted by a very social giraffe as we climbed
the road up to the giraffe and elephant section
 "Hello down there!"

 He had quite the personality.
Okay, so it's a truck in the zoo playground, but you'd think
it was a wild ride too if you had a nine year old driver!

 Poisonous dart frogs are so bright they almost look fake.
 What a face!
 Beautiful flowers in the Idea Garden of the Tyler Rose Gardens

Cooling my feet in the fountain

Friday, September 03, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monday I leave with a new Gateway class to return to Benin, West Africa for a three week outreach. I'm looking forward to the opportunities to work again with Mama Arlette at Daslin's Children's Home as well as Pastor Roland and the prison ministry we helped him begin this past February. I have wonderful photos of the kids, children who embraced our little team and showed us what it is to worship and praise a Father God. Children who kept a newly built swingset occupied and moving almost every minute after it was built.

From the prison I have no photos. They weren't allowed. But I have vivid memories of faces of young men ages 12-18 that we bonded with in a short time. Sad faces, withdrawn faces, eager faces, open faces, hopeful faces... I'm looking forward to seeing them with recognition this time and hearing first hand some of the miracles I've heard reported God is doing in the midst of them since March.

Pastor Roland and several others with him have been going faithfully to the prison each week to befriend, disciple and nurture these young men. What an opportunity for them to potentially return to their communities after they are released as men of God who can influence their families, towns, and nation.

Please pray for our team. Please pray for me and my colleague Stefan as we lead the team. The town of Abomey, Benin is the birthplace of voodoo. It was only 17 years ago that the practice of human sacrifices was outlawed. Young girls are still vulnerable. Also, according to the statistics from the Peace Corp, Benin is the largest hub for child traficking than in all of Africa. We are working with some incredible locals who love the Lord. Please pray that our time there will encourage them and help empower them to serve the Lord even more effectively

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I believe God is an optimist and the giver of great joy! Watch this video.

Yesterday a friend sent me a link to a You Tube video that made me cry happy tears. To see the power of God - and the optimism of God - lifts my spirit and reminds me we are to be a people of joy. God is powerful and He's moving in Europe again. He'll move here too. You'll enjoy watching the Resurrection Sunday dance in Budapest, Hungary that was perform Easter Sunday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Parade of the Grills - at the Magnolia Blossom Festival and Steak Cookoff

Last weekend I went home to Magnolia to attend the local Magnolia Blossom Festival and Steak Cookoff. There were 83 entries in the Parade of the Grills, more than ever before. Those entering were individuals, corporations, local businesses, and just plain folks who like to grill a good steak. Some came from as far away as Wyoming - just to enter the steak cookoff! The winner took home $4000.

Several got very creative! Following are just a few of them. There's something about local small town festivals that make me happy. I don't know if it's nostalgia, access to aligator-on-a -tick, kettle korn and funnell cakes, or just seeing a community come together, but it's nice - real nice.