Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Driving home

Driving home
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This was my view while driving from Texas to Arkansas last weekend to visit my parents. It was nice to see that "land sunsets" could be just as stunning as "ocean sunsets". I had to pull over to Ohh and Ahh.


Keith R. Brinkman said...

The paragraph at the top is great and will be there for everyone to read - plus I like the photo of yourself being there also. Good job.

Chuck & Sue said...

Alicia - You did it! You will find it is a great creative outlet. Proud of you. . .have a great time in Colorado and email what you are doing at the IOC! Love, Sue

Bill and Rebecca Long said...

Oh, how wonderful to see your smiling face! Wonderful job on the blog. Miss you bunches, girlfriend! Love, Rebecca

Tyrone B. said...

I think you will find the blog to be a great outlet for your creativity and thoughts...not to mention sometimes healing in getting to share.

There is never a 'normal' to my life...I accepted that a long time ago, but I guess you could say I have a certain routine for now being at home. AND ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

johnqmercy said...

Woohoo! Alicia's blogging! :)

Steve said...

Hi, Alicia! I love your blog, especially the photos! What a great way to keep in touch and to know "where in the world is Alicia". I'll bookmark this and check in with you. You'll email us here at Central when you update, right?

Kristy said...


Wonderful looking blog! It's also great to see a picture of's been so long!

I'll truly enjoy checking in and reading your updates!

Kristy Brungardt

Eric Hodge said...

Hey Alicia!

So good to hear from you. Love the picture of your friends aroudn the picnic table. The can of Tony's really stands out. I eat Tony's on everything but my ice cream!!

Praying for you. See you soon.


Marianne said...

good job with your blog Alicia,it looks great