Sunday, January 22, 2006

this and that

Weekends go by WAY too fast! I'm just now getting online and it's time to start winding down. Tomorrow starts early. Just wanted to check in.

If you haven't already, go see the movie End of the Spear. It's about Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint who was one of the missionaries massacred in the 1950's with Jim Elliot. The movie is well-made and answers questions and loose ends that have taken 50 years to find out. Everyone should see it. Make sure you stay for the credits, 'cause they show some of the best parts then. You'll leave smiling.

I just finished the first week with a new Gateway school. It was a really good week. In fact, I actually had fun! I know there will be days when I don't like my job directing the Gateway Program, so I want to appreciate (and savor) the days I do. Friday I loved my job! I got to teach a short session, the participants are getting to know each other and slowly sharing more about themselves, I got to see my staff shine, and we had beautiful weather every day... If I'm going to share the bad news, I want to make sure and share the good, as well!

This weekend we finally had rain. It hasn't rained all day like today since September when Hurricane Katrina was blowing around, so everyone has been happy to see the clouds. Sunday afternoons are the best time to have a wet rainy day!

until later...have a good start to a new week!

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