Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tabitha Robbins

Tabitha Robbins
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I arrived in Kona on Thursday afternoon. Tabitha got sick the previous day and has been sick (with a bit of pneumonia) all week. Today was the first day she seemed to feel better and acted more herself. She's been a sick girl. You know, though, when you love a kid you just want them to not hurt. You don't care if they cough in your face or wipe their nose with their hand then caress your cheek with the same. You just want to hold them and snuggle and somehow drain out the fever that is making them moan and toss. There're few things that feel better than little child arms around your neck.

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eThib said...

What's better than a child's arms around your neck? Aships deck beneath your feet, of course!

Glad to see things going well in Hawaii, Alicia. All goes well in Liberia. Jolyn Erb, Eric's sister, is here, and we have two more months to go on our outreach, then we start the Ghana outreach that the AFM will finish.
Happy your blog is up-n-running.