Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get Motivated!

Last Tuesday was a motivating day - literally! I was given a free ticket to attend an all-day Get Motivated Seminar in Dallas, TX featuring such speakers as Gen. Colin Powell, Former First Lady Laura Bush, Zig Ziglar, Steve Forbes, Krish Dhanam, and ten other motivational presenters. I was fascinated to hear what they would say and took a plethora of notes. It was interesting how so many shared principles that originate from the Bible and referred to their faith. It was also interesting how it became apparent which ones had been asked to speak because of wisdom and character and which ones were their because of fame. Still, I came away with something from each one. By the end of the day, I had hit my mental saturation point (as well as my sitting saturation point!), but I was energized! I'll have to go back through my notes to really process what I took away and what actions I now need to take. So, to be continued.....
Form First Lady Laura Bush
Emmitt Smith
Troy Aikman
Rudy Giuliani

Terry Bradshaw

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Tyrone B, said...

I like Zig Ziglar, read some of his books in college.